Children say and do the most amusing things… part 1

Children can say and do the funniest things sometimes...

We all know that children can say and do the funniest things.

As a busy professional children’s party entertainer, travelling to birthday parties and events all over Hampshire and Surrey I’ve heard a few amusing things in my time. My wife Caroline, also a children’s party entertainer, “Magic Wanda” and I often swap tales over dinner after a busy day of shows.

There’s the time Magic Wanda asked the children at a party who had pets. The children told her what pets they owned, then one child told her that she once had a pet rabbit, but that, “…it died yesterday…”

On another occasion, a little girl piped up very loudly, that her mother thought that so and so, was a spoiled little madam! This was especially funny because the parents all heard this and knew both of the mums and child concerned.

A little boy won a lucky dip prize and he chose a bracelet. I guessed he’d want a boy’s present, so I asked him if he’d like to change it for something else. No, he replied… “I got it for my Mummy…”

To be continued…

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