Choosing a Children’s Entertainer

Looking for a great Children’s Entertainer?

Children's Entertainers Magic Wanda, Professor Potty and the Amazing Alvan

There are literally hundreds of Children’s Entertainers in Hampshire, Surrey and the surrounding areas – so how do you find a good one?

Although price is no doubt a consideration, do remember that your child’s birthday party is only once a year and that you want it to be memorable for the right reasons.

Ask around your friends for recommendations.  You may find a few names will keep coming up.  You’ll also find out anyone to avoid! Ask your Children’s Entertainer for references and testimonials – this is the best way to be sure. The more testimonials an entertainer can provide the better. 

Does your entertainer specialise in the age group you have in mind?  Some entertainers will accept any booking for any age group (and often at any price)  Good ones will specialise in the age group.

Does your entertainer take the time to discuss your event with you, sound friendly, professional and organised?  Do they ring you back when they say they will, send you a written confirmation and take a deposit?  Your entertainer should explain the format and content of the show.

Often for an additional fee, a Children’s Entertainer will take over the hosting of the party for you, taking care of all the entertainment, so you can arrange the party food…and enjoy the party too! 

Many can provide party bags as well…again saving you time and expense.

How do they deal with shy children?  Some entertainers are loud and shout a lot…others are calmer and gentler in their approach, but still have maximum fun.

Some entertainers use live animals in the show, but is it really fair on the animals in a noisy environment and how are they transported in very hot and cold weather?

Good entertainers will give you a courtesy call the day before the event as a final check and put your mind at ease.  Some do…many don’t!

You will probably just get a gut feeling about your entertainer – being quick to respond, a good telephone manner and references, experience, a professional appearance and presentation of their marketing materials are all good signs.

Generally speaking, as with all things, you will usually get what you pay for.  So if the thought of thirty or so little ones running riot, with tears and mayhem at your children’s party is your idea of a nightmare…then the few pounds that you saved by getting a cheaper entertainer may not to be such a wise idea after all…  

Really good Children’s Entertainers are worth their weight in gold!

Good luck and have a great children’s party.

Children's Entertainer Professor Potty with School Christmas Party

Hampshire based female children's party entertainer Magic Wanda interacting with laughing child helper at his birthday party magic show with other children looking on.